Montag, 21. September 2015

FRANKFURTER BUCHMESSE 2015 16.10.2015 14 -15:3

Lord Skeffington Scatters malt seine 15! Katzen

Eigentlich lebt Skeffington mit 15! Katzen in einem alten, großen Haus, aber seine Katzen
 sind nicht zu Hause. Er vermißt sie sehr. Damit er nicht so alleine ist malt er sich seine 15!...
Lord Skeffington Scatters paints his 15! cats (Fahr Sindram +Lord Skeffington Scatters live!)

Normally Skeffington lives with 15! cats in a big, old house but all his friends are gone out. He misses them very much.To make himself feel less alone he paints his 15! friends.
If you would like to look like one of them (maybe like Boo, Cindle, Sniffers or Rosebutt)- you should come to our booth and get a painted cat mustache or see the author of the wonderfull book draw her cats.

14:00 - 15:30

Butter & Cream Stand (Booth)
3.0 J55

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